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  • More Testimonials
"Elizabeth touches your heart and soul with infectious enthusiasm, unwavering beliefs and heartfelt compassion. She has the unbelievable skill and knowledge to make you believe in yourself and she has such a desire to not just help each of us, but all of humanity."
"I am very in awe of the work you are doing, Elizabeth. It is so powerful. I have taken many other brands of essences and these are by far, above and beyond the usual healing one can receive."
"Beautiful work! I am so thrilled that the scientific community is recognizing the power of remote healings. Thank-you so much for your contribution through authentic scientific research to this cause."
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The Fleuresences Collection   the galactic grace collection
The Fleuressences Collection   The Galactic Grace Collection
     Our original flower essence combinations, co-created with the help of non-physical nature spirits of love and light frequencies. Clear issues that come up as your healing and expansion of awareness unfolds.        Gem and flower essence combinations, co-created with the help of star elemental energies of love and light frequencies. Assistance with your evolution into light body. Imagine elixirs of gems and flowers!
the-mary essence collection   the fragrance spray collection
The Mary Essence Collection   The Fragrance Spray Collection
     This collection represents a whole new “octave” of healing, wisdom, codes, and patterns for our energetic “blueprint.” This collection is co-created with the assistance of Universal Mother Mary and includes exquisite messages from her for ever accelerating healing, happiness and awakening!        Contain both the fragrance and the electromagnetic field imprints or “essence” of the flowers. All organic oils that are in “synergy,” or completely emulsified within vechicle of purified water. Use for your surroundings as well as on yourself.

About Spiritwater Gardens

     Spiritwater Gardens is located in Northern Wisconsin amidst thousands of lakes and forests. It is founded and owned by Elizabeth Patric. We focus on the co- creation of combinations of individual flower essences and offer more than 175 different formulations. When we say co-creation, we mean that we create our remedies with assistance and guidance from nature spirits, fairies, devas, and other non-physical beings of love and light frequencies. Our Flower Essence Collections address your physical, mental, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual healing and transformation. Along with the flower essence combinations, we offer Remote Healing Energy Transmissions.

     Our focus has always been to create a genuine connection with each one of our clients. When you call us, you get a real person on the phone that is interested in your uniqueness and in helping you to reach your unlimited potential in all areas of your life. With this in mind, we have made it a policy to offer Complimentary Readings that will give you the insight that you need in order to heal and transform at not only the level of brain and body, but also at the level of soul and spirit.

     You can learn all about our gardens, how we make our flower essences, how we never charge for pets, how our essences are created without alcohol and much, much more by turning to our Interactive Online Booklet.


The I Believe in Nature Spirits Project

The map (below) shows the initial results (and very enthusiastic response!!!!!!) of our I BELIEVE IN NATURE SPIRITS project. Every single point on this global map signifies that there is a person there that is holding sacred space for non-physical nature spirits. The idea is that if large numbers of us hold this sacred space, there will be a collective shift at some point so that the non-physical nature spirit web can be restored to it's original glory!!!!! We need you!!!! We need many more of you!!!!!!!!!! Click here to learn how you can be a part of this initiative that will literally change the face of the earth!!!!!!!! There is no charge or obligation and you will receive instructions as to how to go about this easy process.

Spiritwater Gardens Spiritwater Gardens
Spiritwater Gardens Spiritwater Gardens
Spiritwater Gardens Spiritwater Gardens
Spiritwater Gardens Spiritwater Gardens
Spiritwater Gardens Spiritwater Gardens
Spiritwater Gardens Spiritwater Gardens
Spiritwater Gardens 7049 Virgin Timber Drive Rhinelander, WI 54501 715.272.1593 lizjchan@gmail.com